Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The world of men, the world of women

Pushing, Thrusting, Arching, Groaning from SonicErotica on Vimeo.

The world of men, and the world of women is defined by where they meet.

No you say? There is more to life than that surely! Men have wars!

Women aren't limited to sex and the consequenses.. We can have wars too! I mean look at Hillary!

Why do men have wars? Power. Why do they need Power? To attract us.

Who wants a weeny man who gets bullied by the strong handsome ones? Not me.

Of course there are different kinds of power and wars. Economic, intellectual, artistic, scientific. I like the intellectual artistic (and ruggedly handsome) man over the jock, or the scientific genius, or the rich guy (yuck).

But doesn't how we live our lives reflect our sexual dynamic?

Will I consider becoming a sanitation engineer? No way. I don't do overalls. Why? Because its not pretty. Why do I want to be pretty? Guys.

What do I need a man for? Relevance. Womans power is in the building of commune.  Family, connections, safe space, love. Men bring the resources, and the reason for women to use thier power. Not a very feminist  viewpoint maybe, or maybe a very empowering one. Ask me in 20 years!

And where do the worlds of men and women meet? Most fudamentally in the mind. All action if preceded by thought.

And that mind is imagining the tip of a penis entering a vagina. In both the mens mind and the womans.

All else is the stage setting.


Come get me big boy..