Monday, March 14, 2011

Do guys feel shame?

Do men feel shame? Or is it just women?

The old stud/slut dichotomy, what is cool and celebrated in one gender is shameful and hidden in the other.

What girl hasn't fantasized about stripping off her clothes and taking on 2 or 3 good looking guys after a party, but knows it will never happen, and not because it couldn't, but because of the conflict between whats in the mind and whats going on lower. (Well ok maybe you've never fantasized like that, but I guess we know someone who has now!)

It's not that you don't hear of it happening either! Some party, a guy a couple girls, later that night.. wooo hoo! Well at least for the guy! All the bros will be high fiven' and hooting and farting.

Of course the girls will have to lay low for a while, act embarassed, tell everyone how high they were. Yea right. Its not like any guy has so much power over us that we do stuff we don't want too.

But then who would take us seriously if we just acted like men!? I mean the easier we are, the less valuable we are. According to social norms. Men don't want us used. They want to use us, and marry a brand newish one who didn't slut around in college.

We need to look available, attractive and maybe give out a few carefully considered samples, but to keep a can't have been too much a slut. Depends on the man of course, but we don't have the same feelings in reciprocation. If we get a man into a relationship with us, who has a full list of conquests, its like we win something none of the previous contenders could get. Its almost like men are more valuable if they had been with a lot of women!

Grrrrr. Frustration. Mental and physical!!!


I wouldn't mind this mans hands on me..



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