Thursday, July 25, 2013

Devi UnBorn

My heart is opening 

As I move out of mind

Sitting for hours

Not feeling the time

My own universe

Still quiet vast

Unmoving yet whole

Feeling free at last




  1. Chloe - Get up and take a lap around the area.. You are LOVED (!) and APPRECIATED (!!!) WAY more than you recognized a few moments ago..

    PS - if you have Skype - or some time - some day.. we would appreciate connecting with you - via Skype, telephone - or simply cosmically.. at a set time..

    Love and Light,
    Health and Prosperity,
    Friends and Laughter,


  2. Tks George!

    I'm doing Vipassana meditation these days and when I do a retreat there is walking between sessions! I like to go for a bike ride afterwards, when I do it at home. a set time? Time is a material construct! I am only and always right here, right now, unless I get into my mind, then I'm all over the place!