Monday, April 15, 2013

Saffron nun from the future

Sometimes I fantasize about being a science fiction buddhist nun from the future...coming back in time to flit about, bodhisattva'ing around spreading my enlightenment.

Like I say, fantasize. I'm not enlightened. Sometimes I'm not even happy. Some creepo just blew up people in Boston, on a day when I was enjoying it being spring, and warm and things were okay.

So it's back to fantasy.

Here's how the future enlightened young woman dresses...

Sort of mimmicks the shaved head of a buddhist nun with the head covering and the colors complementing the saffron hues of Guatamas devotees.

I'd come back with a message of love and peace. A sort of why can't we just all chill and get along...but mixed with a presence and bearing of superior knowledge; enlightenment. You'd be able to see it in my eyes, so old and wise for someone so young, you'd know its true stuff.

Yea and maybe I'd bring back some technology that made it possible for people to live better with less struggle. Maybe electricity generated by a computer chip that just "tells" electrons to flow with out all the mechanical or nuclear stuff thats a problem now.

Then we could all be artists, or golfers or gamers, skateborders and steampunks...

And life would be about joy not struggle.

Yea. Thats it.

My fantasy on a day when I do NOT like reality.

Peace and love


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