Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Serious shit!

OK. You can't take shit too serious! (Chloe says in her best Jenna Marbles voice, with a quirky grin).

Yea. Fucking right!

Why?   'Cause, thats why. Just because you have a vagina doesn't mean you have to take shit all serious!

Read more about her..

I'd like to be more like her, except she HAS a boyfriend and can say all the stuff she does because it doesn't matter to her!  But she says stuff that I can relate to! And she makes a living posting on youtube!

I don't say fuck as much as her and I don't think that would help me either! The guys that are impressed with that are all busy masturbating to her anyway. But what I would like is her seeming detachment from the whole social/cultural mess we live in. Maybe its just that she can observe it in others even though her life is stuck in the goo of human intercourse like the rest of us.

Humour seems to come from seeing things a little different. She makes her observations with an innocence that lets her get away with crudities and low production values, and seem natural and girl-wise.

Maybe thats what I want, to be girl-wise. Innocent, funny, cute, and smart in a non-threatening-to-evolving-males kind of way..


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