Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alone on Sat. night

Its Saturday night and I'm alone.

Yea loser me.

But I have to look at it realisticly, I am the one who decides that when some guy acts like maybe he wants to talk to me, I look like I don't want to be talked to. Guys have fragile egos. Women are rejected all the time, you know, some guy looks at you for a second, and your self esteem gets ready to go up, and bam, he looks away like he didn't even see you, but you know its your weight/boobs/hair/ or worse, face.

We're used to it, but I think then we deal with it by being hard to get, or hard to get at, haughty, whatever. And lose out.

Guys are used to people, women people, listening to them if they act like they are going to say something. Guys don't notice when a woman person is acting like she wants to say something! Unless of course she has great boobs/face/sexual reputation!


So rather than getting out there ever optimistic, playing the game, here I am, facebook a dry well, TV too insipid to tolerate, and my own failings turning into pixels for the world to see. Invisible Chole, I feel like I could walk naked down a busy street and no one would see me.

Of course someone would, and it would be some total loser guy, too drunk to talk, too drunk to fuck, and too drunk to respect.

In other words, sort of like me.

Ah pity, sweet wine.


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