Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taking a peek at what should remain unseen..

I'm not a normal girl, I think.  (semi-colon? or comma?)

I think sometimes I am sitting on the edge of a precipice, that is the edge of the heights of sanity, with my feet dangling over the edge and my butt slipping and sliding precariously, while I hum a carefree little tune in my head and dream of things I want but do not create.

Below, a bottomless void of unknown, without features, with nothing that could be grasped to give reference much less support. That must be what insanity is, loosing all reference. Not just right and wrong, but reference to the shared experience of life. Culture, friendship and even more basic reference to the physical features of the world around. With out reference it would all be dream, or worse hallucination with no meaning.

I think some people never even realize the void is there. They are normal. Life is almost automatic for them, their thinking done for them by the culture they live in, by the also automatic decisions their peers make, and by the random coincidental stuff that seems to be a grand conspiracy by the overlords, illuminati and republicans.

I can't be normal, and don't want to be, but I dream of it. How easy it would be! How wonderful to live without knowing the void. Without having to face sanity knowing it is not the only choice.

There is danger in knowledge. Like the popular theme these days from "The Secret" and that whole line of thinking; you get what you put your attention on, manifest your dreams. Mini empires are built on telling people that too. I wonder what motivation is behind pulling back that curtain? Housewives wishing for new cars and an attentive husband, but opening the pandoras box of knowledge, knowing they can envision something, and if the vision is held, it starts to turn to reality. Are normal people safe with that? Or will human failings slip through that open door and petty jealousy's and minor slights motivate evil's growth?


Whoa. Dark. I better get myself a vente mocha latte, make sure my facebook is up to date and get to school! Or they'll throw a net over me and put me on a watch!

(Just being creative Greta, no worries...  ♥ )

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