Sunday, November 26, 2017

Future Matrix

Things in the future reach back to influence your present.

Karma, not only as determinate origin, the idea that every present moment and circumstance is a result off all that was before, but also as the result of all that comes after, is a new idea for me.

What I finds in the present is both influenced by its past but also by what is in its future. All vectors of possibility holistically influence every other.

I think only god can fully experientially understand this idea, but us lesser divisions of the all can get a glimpse of it intellectually. How would it be possible to exist as an individual unless cut off from the full understanding of this? What Point would there be in omniscience? What fun?

Is Chloe getting too deep? Has she smoked too much fine morocan hashish? Or is she just thinking out loud?

Well she just had an experience of the above...




  1. I had some similar thoughts recently.

    Then i was thinking that i should fix and influence things to good in present time, so that i get the best outcome in the future.

    But this "potential future" can exist because we lived in future already (whole planet), like in video game, and then after a cataclysm, the world is reset (reloaded) and we continue from there. This part may sound like fantasy, discard it if you dislike it.

    1. Yea, thats not what I meant, a reset. No I meant that the things we do in the future also change the hologram including the past. Time is not a linear absolute, but just a way of keeping present moments separate. IDK if that makes any sense at all!

      I had a sort of precognitive experience that seemed to be the result of something in my future.