Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm Open...

I'm open to talking and corresponding, mainly corresponding, I don't like the phone, so you'd have to be in Barcelona to actually talk talk.

I'm sort of a hermit girl, quiet as a mouse, never seen in short tight dresses in early am club frenzies, surrounded and jammed together with other sweaty, desperate, evolved monkeys. (Yes I do know the difference between ape and monkey, but that is a tail for another day).

I DO socialize here in Barcelona, but it tends to be superficial, hi how are you? Fine? Great! Or those wine fueled deep talks with people at parties who just want to insist on their world view as if it were the pronouncements of THE oracle. I can follow along for a while but wine and thinking are divergent courses. Mainly for me, my convo partners have no problem.

I have had correspondents before, writer types who could play the game, lobbing ideas into my court and setting up for my replies, knowing I would make them move to stay in play.

It helps me as a writer to have some outlet to write to other than my work-in-progress. It cleans out the brain ducts to flow out for fun the stuff that doesn't fit into the WIP.

You can talk sexy (man or woman, if you dare and are good at it, ) or practical or stream of consciousness, I'm good at all, just don't be boring.

And if its just emails, you can be whoever you want to be and I'll play.


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  1. The biggest truth i think is that we are all immortal spirits, going from one life to another, ussually most of it is good and pleasant. But currently we are stuck in this little stupid (very isolated) planet Earth.

    With that in mind as some basic truth, life is then wonderful. Or at least it should be.

    Then i think i realized that practicing with imagination, is the way of learning and knowing more, much more.

    How can we know what is outside of here, in the universe, and previous universes, everything is crowded with life, variations of life, zillions of lifeforms, zillions of opportunities. Since there is no way to directly know, then imagination is the way.

    You can imagine anything, or write it, or draw it, (mock-up or invent), and somewhere in the existence it exist in some condition, it is real somewhere.

    This way is probably the way to even unlock the tremendous amount of past-life memories (experiences) burried in subconscicousness.

    This is the basic of the philosophy i stand on. It's greatness.

    I like to see spirituality and intelligence in girls. That's inspiring. My body lusts for a girls body, i admit. But i refuse to go outside of my comfort zone. I stay at home and use internet where i can talk with people that display some intelligence and spiritually (girls if i can), and not just their body and possesions.

    You can share some of your wisdom. Write blogs, i will read them. I am real, i am not a robot. I can respond. Yous should be honest, but also focus more on the positive things and be plafyul. :)