Saturday, November 24, 2012



Thanksgiving made me think a bit and realize we have a choice, either thankful or resentful in life. It either happens TO us or or it happens FOR us. I'll have the thankful, it happens for us attitude please.

What do I have to be thankful for? My family first and most, and sitting to dinner with them, even without mom was an hour of grace.

My sister Michelle (Shelly) has a little one now and she is too frazzeled to host, Derek is a guy, and Grandma and Grandpa are too old. I didn't want to lose the tradition though so I cooked. Scary, nerve wracking and tiring, but I did it!

It used to alternate between us, mom cooking and the grandparents, and maybe the odd year with some aunts and uncles, but now its just us. I didn't get too fancy, but bought a "natural" turkey, brined it in a garbage bag with fresh herbs, and did the normal mashed potatos, stuffing, yams and a green veggie. This year the green veggie was brussel sprouts cut in half and sauteed in bacon fat with onions and garlic.

It took me three days to shop, chop and cook and was over in an hour, but everyone got up and cleaned and I got to just chill and be thanked. I could almost cry from the feeling of having feed everyone and see how much they enjoyed it! Well actually I did a little but didn't let anyone see, don't want them to think I'm unstable!  :)   (little inside joke for those who know me)

But really it wasn't just the food, but the occasion and the people gathered together that made it so special. Families forget each other, take each other for granted, and don't realize how each of us are part of the foundation for the lives of the others.

I've got a good foundation.

Thanks (to whom? God? my family? cosmic consciousness? Whatever, just thanks)


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