Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drunken Conversations

I had a short chat last night with a guy who I used to have a crush on when I was younger. It was apparent after a couple of lines that he was pretty drunk. I had had a couple glasses of wine myself and we said stuff that we may regret in the morning.

HE: i really need your help... please frown

Me: Yes? how what?

HE: Well honestly im super horny... could you help?:)

Now here is where a girl has to make a choice; do I want to be a girl that guys can just say that too? Do I want to play along and risk making a fool of myself? Do I really want to see inside the psyche of a drunk boy/man?

I played along a bit until it was apparent that he wasn't capable of playing the sort of mind game that a good chat is, teasing, innuendo, bold moves and good observation of where the other person is at in their mind. He was too drunk and didn't follow the leads I gave him to some hot chat sex.

I think part of it is that I am a word person and he is a person who comes across better in person. I love to play with words, use them on people. If he and I were in the same mood and physically in the same location, I bet he could have just looked in my eyes and I would have felt his need and been aroused myself. Shit I felt his need through his sparse, marginally coherent, one line chat responses!

But I'm a girl and I need more foreplay, words that tease with subtle meanings and suggestions, words that move feelings and memories around in my mind, I need to be feeling something too.

All I was feeling was tipsy and silly, although I did try to use my words to get him going;

Me: I'll be in my bedroom....I'll find something sexy to wear, maybe some transparent panties and some lip gloss? That do it for you?smile

Now to me that is a pretty obvious invitation to some hot chat! But he didn't really step up, but just replied

HE:  What else would you do for me wink

  • Me: A bottle of tequila and a sleeping bag out on the hill somewhere that looks over the valley and two people telling each other their thats real.
  • Your drunk now xxxx. Just jack off and go to sleep. smile

    HE: No,,,,I want you now!

    Me: And xxx, I want you to write me in the morning and tell me all about it! Tell me what you imagined and how good it felt and all that!

    HE:  What?
    • What do you mean?

Me? Whacha gonna do for me babe? He's not a word play guy. If I was him and wanted to play back, I would have said some thing like "oh yea! and I'll kiss that lip gloss off you and then your panties too!" Or "I'll come into your room with a feather to tease you, a body to please you and my passion to feed yours".

I know, I expect a lot. Thing is he's a great guy, nice, fun, decent. But still at that guy stage where he thinks too much with his dick. And there are times when a girl wants a drunk, physical, horny guy who doesn't have much to say or any claim on you. But it has to be inperson. Not in a chat!

I did what I had to do, and had a nice sleep. I hope he did too...  :)

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