Thursday, November 15, 2018

La Vie du Femme

Every woman's life is a story waiting for a great lover to write.

Us shy ones wait. 

We should be the great love of someone. Yet it doesn't always happen.

We live quietly, have our interests, our cats.

In our hearts, passion too large to share without overwhelming.

We scare them off with chaste demeanor hiding lust.

They don't notice us anyway.

That we are here, ready.



  1. Do you have spiritual ideals?

    Share some songs with me ?

    Tell me anything. I wanted in past to write more with you, but i got the impression you are not interested.

    Originally, i think i friended you on Facebook based on the thing that you had to do something with Scientology. In was never in the church, but i greatly appreciate these grand philosophies.

  2. Hi,

    Yes I do have spiritual ideas, not necessarily ideals though. I am mostly buddhist, and practice Vipassana. Http://

    I like classical music, Bach, Dvorak, Sibelious, and I like pensive woman singers, Lucinda Williams, Rickie Lee Jones, Chantal Kreviazuk..

    I like Michael Jackson, Nirvana...

    I'm not really a big listener, I just listen to stuff I've heard before over and over!


    Oh yea ZaZ!

    I think I saw her when I lived in Paris. I'm thinking of moving back.


    Scientology? Be careful! Grand ideas can program a mind in ways that are not in it's best interest..

    My Mom and her ex were involved, thus the scientology people on my facebook. What a fucking mess.

    I basically thingk the foundational ideas of buddhism are far simpler and far more accurate than scientology, which was developed with a certain sort of person in mind.

    The eight fold path, is the framework.

    Meditation the method.


  3. Yeah Buddhist ideas are nice, i always liked them since i saw them. I saw Vipassana many times before. Usually it's when i read about these things i am so inspired, but after a week or so i forget about them.

    I practice some sort of meditations, just not defined, coz i can't follow rules properly. That applies for Scientology ideas too, i do not follow strict rules, just dabble randomly as i can here and there. :)

    I could say that my spiritual ideals are: reaching some higher awareness, or getting memories from past lives, or superpowers, or exceptionally good Ethics/Dharma.

    Yeah i listen too, music again and again, i have a favorites list on my Youtube account, sometimes i venture to discover new cool songs. Some of my all time favorite songs are those that i asked others for their favorites, and when i heard them, they became my favorites too. Like this one

    Thanks you for sharing that song, i see value in it as being chill and comfortable, though it is not my style (should be more instruments in the background imo). XD

    Give me some more links, if you want, i will listen.

    I listen variety of songs, not just one genre, no limit here. But i kinda dislike rap or jazz :) Good ones for example are electronic, trance, and metal.

    Okay, so that was your connection to Scientology through your mom. I think then that your mom was awesome.

    Scientlogy has great valuable ideas, it's just that their organization has very ugly face (with inside abuses and freedom limitations). Yeah, ideas can be dangerous, but hmm, i find them rather inspiring. There was a guy who while inside the church, was writing his own massive book about very advanced stuff, one of the first chapters is about "Cosmic history", i found that absolutely amazing. But, what he discovered is not accepted in the official church. He was heretic to them.

    My opinion is that Buddhism is simpler and more practical for average people, but Scientology reaches much much deeper.

    One of the most fascinating ideas of both Buddhism and Scientology to me is the reincarnation, which i think is 100% true. It's just wonderful. Imagine that everybody lived already million times and more, how much experience is that, how many civilizations in past on other planets and universes.... mind blowing. :) And thus, the idea of how these worlds looked, how their cities, cultures looked, how their body types looked etc, etc.

    I am familiar with the eightfold path too, and i checked that website.

    You study in Barcelona, or you just chill there ?

    Good day. :)

    1. "My opinion is that Buddhism is simpler and more practical for average people, but Scientology reaches much much deeper."

      My opinion is just the opposite! Sorry. :(

      I believe that buddhism is a much simpler subject, but very much harder to apply, just the opposite of scientology which was designed to be applied by amateurs!

      I am out of school, with a degree in English literature. I write sometimes, but not as disciplined as I should be.

      Barcelona is a chill city! I'm mostly just hiding out here, hiding from my life..


    2. Here is a good melancholy song for you..

      Sort of American country music.

      And here's another:

      I'm just glad I am not a musician!


    3. "My pussy tastes like pepsi cola"

      What a concept! Maybe that is why I don't drink Pepsi.

    4. Gaga and vunerable. She works hard.

    5. Someone is a melancholy girl tonight..


    7. Sorry for late reply, i only noticed that you replied to me after few months i wrote to you. :) I also played too much games and i am not disciplined atm.

      Why melancholy? Is it like nostalgia?

  4. I wish I looked like her, lithe but French women can and short little chubby girls from California never do.

    1. Thanks Chloe for all the links to songs. I liked some, and some not much. :) But thank you.

      I do not know how girls are in California. :D I saw some videos of Alizee some months ago, her songs are nice, but she likes to be like a lolita ? That's the impression i got when watching her videos. One of her songs is named like that i think.

      So how are you now?

      Do you consider yourself to be a modern feminist?

      Do you speak Spanish already? This i am quite curious. I started to learn very basic Spanish, coz it seems easy, and it's cool to learn something over time.

      You hide from what in Barcelona? :) I can say i hide too from life, in my home. In my comfort zone. I am not proud of that.

      Pepsi or Coca cola, hmm. Tastes like pussy? :D I think not. I like the taste of Cola, but it's a strong drink. Alkohol i dislike. You like alkohol right? I think you said it somewhere.

      How is weather in Spain now, like summer?

      I bombard you with questions, curiosities that come to my mind. So, answer if you can some. :P

      I like Country Roads song.
      I did not know this song exist, before Fallout 76 game was announced.

      Good day Chloe.

  5. Happy women's day to you! :) Happy 8th March.