Sunday, May 29, 2016

My most recent rejection email from Elephant Journal.

I don't know why I want to be published by EJ...maybe because I like reading it? I try, and get rejected repeatedly, yet remain mostly unfazed. I like my thoughts and words. That should be enough, and usually is.

elephant journal

to me
Dear Chloe,

Thanks for putting yourself out there. This is interesting but I'm not getting much of a cohesive story or message---you seem to be bouncing from topic to topic. I'm not sure what your examples are intended to illustrate. Is there a way that you can pare it down and clarify your message? Keep it simple, focus on one thesis and it will be more accessible to our audience.

We’re not here to change your fundamental message (usually)—we are here to make sure your message can connect.

Please send your revision in this same thread when you're ready. If we don’t reply to that within a week, you might need to find a new angle/subject.

With thanks for your effort and heart—

Yours in the vision of Enlightened Society,


Me to Renee..

Yes...cohesive. Well I'm not, my life is not and that is sort of the point. Graduating, moving out into life without the structure that had held things together for the previous 23 years, and the wide open opportunity isn't cohesive.
Cohesiveness is frequently a symptom of attachment to externally derived patterns, a free mind (and body) will no doubt bounce around a bit in the time after those patterns are no longer enforced.
My life is open moving forward, sexually, literarily, yet the vestiges of old patterns still color it. That is the point.
If it is too obscure for you and your readers, if I am not writing to a plot, but just letting thoughts find words and that is not apologies.
It is enough for me and is how I write. An audience isn't as important. Maybe one will come, maybe not.
Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read me.


Sometimes I'm a deviously passive aggressive little bitch aren't I!


  1. Sometimes I think Elephant Journal is a'esque look at "it's about the mindful life".

    Recent articles:

    "If You Care about the Environment, this New Yoga Mat is the Best out There. "

    "3 Key Non-New Agey Spiritual Ways to Get Laid."

    "Apparently Trump has a Plan for the Paris Climate Agreement."

    (Trump! Doesn't he get enough attention already?)

    "Need a Life-Change? 5 Buddhist Quotes that Rock my World."

    None actually from the Buddha...

    BIG SIGH...

    1. WHere my comment dissapeared.. :(

    2. Sorry! I didn't delete it or anything...

      Post again, I don't get a lot of feedback and really do appreciate it.



    3. IDK seems that when i posted it something went wrong. :)

      I need A new age way to get laid. or 3 such key ways. :D

      Today people don't read much, it is hard to read. People just watch videos, vlogs. They want miminum effort information.

      When you write you need to make it more understandable ? Not judging here, since i did not read much from you.

      But i want to poke around, you are Freezoner right? I guess you are not strict like that girl Rebecca Archer, she blocked me completely on Facebook because i talked about Xenu and condfidential stuff.


  2. Not a freezoner. Not a scientologist. I'm basically buddhist and practice Vipassana.

    You won't get laid commenting here! Try talking to women physically near you with out an agenda of "getting laid" and you may have more success. Women appreciate being more than objects to satisfy your needs.

    1. Aha so you are not a Freezoner :)

      Buddhissm is nice too. But i feel it cannot produce more results than Scientology.

      But i do not use any "standard" Scientology, but i mix and squirrel and do whatever i like with anything there is.

      New Age is not bad too, it is just shallow, and needs alot of depth. Then it makes more sense.

      Nah i won't talk to women physically, they need to prove first that they are capable of great romance and imagination without any physical contact. :) There is iternet everywhere, people need to learn to use it. :)

    2. Wow.

      You need women to prove themselves to you.

      I'd say just keep doing your scientology, maybe there you will find other co-delusionists.

      I find your attitudes and bearing a bit distasteful. You come to my blog looking for a new age way to get laid, you need women to prove themselves before you meet...I doubt YOU are capable of great romance.

    3. Wait, :) at least half of what i said was silly and was rather invitation for thoughts and playfulness.

      But seems that you took that too seriously with a literal mind.

      I thought you are writer.

      Ok let's go back to the start.

      I saw this in your comment:
      "3 Key Non-New Agey Spiritual Ways to Get Laid."

      And thought it was funny, then i commented there what i commented.

      Lot's of assumptions were made. But my intention was to be playful with words and imagination.

      Nevermind, i think now we are 180 degrees different and that we do not understand each other, and there is not much what we can learn here.

    4. I think we both missed the points the other was making.